Who's Online

The Who’s Online Module

The built in whos_online module provides a basic who’s online mod.


The following itemFormat object is provided to MCI 1 (ie: %VM1):

  • userId: User ID.
  • authenticated: boolean if the client has a logged in user or not.
  • userName: Login username.
  • node: Node ID the user is connected to.
  • timeOn: A human friendly amount of time the user has been online.
  • realName: User’s real name.
  • location: User’s location.
  • affiliation or affils: Users affiliations.
  • action: Current action/view in the system taken from the desc field of the current MenuModule they are interacting with. For example, “Playing L.O.R.D”.
  • isSecure: Is the client securely connected?
  • serverName: Name of connected server such as “Telnet” or “SSH”.

:information_source: These properties are available via the client_connections.js getActiveConnectionList() API.