Set Newscan Date Module

Set Newscan Date Module

The set_newscan_date module allows setting newscan dates (aka pointers) for message conferences and areas as well as within the file base. Users can select specific conferences/areas or all (where applicable).


Configuration Block

Available config block entries are as follows:

  • target: Choose from message for message conferences & areas, or file for file base areas.
  • scanDateFormat: Format for scan date. This format must align with the output of the MaskEditView (%ME1) MCI utilized for input. Defaults to YYYYMMDD (which matches mask of ####/##/##).


Message Conference & Areas

When target is message, the following itemFormat object is provided to MCI 2 (ie: %SM2):

  • conf: An object containing:
    • confTag: Conference tag.
    • name: Conference name. Also available in {text}.
    • desc: Conference description.
  • area: An object containing:
    • areaTag: Area tag.
    • name: Area name. Also available in {text}.
    • desc: Area description.

When dealing with the file base, ENiGMA½ does not currently have the ability to set newscan dates for specific areas. No %SM2 is used in this case.

Submit Actions

Submit action should map to @method:scanDateSubmit and provide scanDate in form data. For message conf/areas (target of message), targetSelection should be also be provided in form data: An index to the selected conf/area.