User Interruptions

User Interruptions

ENiGMA½ provides functionality to “interrupt” a user for various purposes such as a node-to-node message. User interruptions can be queued and displayed at the next opportune time such as when switching to a new menu, or realtime if appropriate.

Standard Menu Behavior

Standard menus control interruption by the interrupt config block option, which may be set to one of the following values:

  • never: Never interrupt the user when on this menu.
  • queued: Queue interrupts for the next opportune time. Any queued message(s) will then be shown. This is the default.
  • realtime: If possible, display messages in realtime. That is, show them right away. Standard menus that do not override default behavior will show the message then reload.

See Also

See user_interrupt_queue.js as well as usage within menu_module.js.