Node to Node Messaging

The Node to Node Messaging Module

The node to node messaging (node_msg) module allows users to send messages to one or more users on different nodes. Messages delivered to nodes follow standard User Interruption rules.


Config Block

Available config block entries:

  • dateTimeFormat: moment.js style format. Defaults to current theme → system short format.
  • messageFormat: Format string for sent messages. Defaults to Message from {fromUserName} on node {fromNodeId}:\r\n{message}. The following format object members are available:
    • fromUserName: Username who sent the message.
    • fromRealName: Real name of user who sent the message.
    • fromNodeId: Node ID where the message was sent from.
    • message: User entered message. May contain pipe color codes.
    • timestamp: A timestamp formatted using dateTimeFormat above.
  • art: Block containing:
    • header: Art spec for header to display with message.
    • footer: Art spec for footer to display with message.


MCI Codes

  1. Node selection. Must be a View that allows lists such as SpinnerMenuView (%SM1), HorizontalMenuView (%HM1), etc.
  2. Message entry (%ET2).
  3. Message preview (%TL3). A rendered (that is, pipe codes resolved) preview of the text in %ET2.

10+: Custom using itemFormat. See below.

Item Format

The following itemFormat object is provided for MCI 1 and 10+ for the currently selected item/node:

  • text: Node ID or “-ALL-“ (All nodes).
  • node: Node ID or -1 in the case of all nodes.
  • userId: User ID.
  • action: User’s action.
  • userName: Username.
  • realName: Real name.
  • location: User’s location.
  • affils: Affiliations.
  • timeOn: How long the user has been online (approx).