Directory Structure

All paths mentioned here are relative to the ENiGMA½ checkout directory.

Directory Description
/art/general Non-theme art - welcome ANSI, logoff ANSI, etc. See General Art.
/art/themes Theme art. Themes should be in their own subdirectory and contain a theme.hjson. See Themes.
/config config.hjson system configuration.
/config/menus menu.hjson storage.
/config/security SSL certificates and public/private keys.
/db All ENiGMA½ databases in SQLite3 format.
/docs These docs ;-)
/dropfiles Dropfiles created for local doors
/logs Logs. See Monitoring Logs
/misc Stuff with no other home; reset password templates, common password lists, other random bits
/mods User mods. See Modding
/node_modules External libraries required by ENiGMA½, installed when you run npm install
/util Various tools used in running/debugging ENiGMA½
/www ENiGMA½’s built in webserver root directory