Message Networks

Message Networks

ENiGMA½ supports external networks such as FidoNet-Style (FTN) and QWK by the way of importing and exporting to/from it’s own internal format. This allows for a very flexible system that can easily be extended by creating new network modules.

All message network configuration occurs under the messageNetworks.<name> block in config.hjson (where name is something such as ftn or qwk). The most basic of external message network configurations generally comprises of two sections:

  1. messageNetworks.<name>.networks: Global/general configuration for a particular network where <name> is for example ftn or qwk.
  2. messageNetworks.<name>.areas: Provides mapping of ENiGMA½ area tags to their external counterparts.

:information_source: A related section under scannerTossers.<name> may provide configuration for scanning (importing) and tossing (exporting) messages for a particular network type. As an example, FidoNet-Style networks often work with BinkleyTerm Style Outbound (BSO) and thus the FTN/BSO scanner/tosser (ftn_bso) module.

Currently Supported Networks

The following networks are supported out of the box. Remember that you can create modules to add others if desired!

FidoNet-Style (FTN)

FidoNet and FidoNet style (FTN) networks as well as a FTN/BSO scanner/tosser (ftn_bso module) are configured via the messageNetworks.ftn and scannerTossers.ftn_bso blocks in config.hjson.

See FidoNet-Style Networks for more information.


See QWK and QWK-Net Style Networks for more information.