The Show Art Module

The Show Art Module

The built in show_art module add some advanced ways in which you can configure your system to display art assets beyond what a standard menu entry can provide. For example, based on user selection of a file or message base area.


Config Block

Available config block entries:

  • method: Set the method in which to show art. See Methods below.
  • optional: Is this art required or optional? If non-optional and we cannot show art based on method, it is an error.
  • key: Used for some methods. See Methods


Extra Args

When method is extraArgs, the module selects an art spec from a value found within extraArgs that were passed to show_art by key. Consider the following:

Given an menu.hjson entry:

showWithExtraArgs: {
    module: show_art
    config: {
        method: extraArgs
        key: fooBaz

If the showWithExtraArgs menu was entered and passed extraArgs as the following:

    "fizzBang" : true,
    "fooBaz" : "LOLART"

…then the system would use the art spec of LOLART.

Area & Conferences

Handy for inserting into File Base, Message Conferences, or Mesage Area selections selections. When method is fileBaseArea, messageConf, or messageArea the selected conf/area’s associated art spec is utilized. Example:

Given a file base entry in config.hjson:

areas: {
    all_ur_base: {
        name: All Your Base
        desc: chown -r us ./base
        art: ALLBASE

A menu entry may look like this:

showFileBaseAreaArt: {
    module: show_art
    config: {
        method: fileBaseArea
        cls: true
        pause: true

…if the user choose the “All Your Base” area, the art spec of ALLBASE would be selected and displayed.

The only difference for messageConf or messageArea methods are where the art is defined (which is always next to the conf or area declaration in config.hjson).

While key can be overridden, the system uses areaTag for message/file area selections, and confTag for conference selections by default.