Multi Line Edit Text View

Multi Line Edit Text View

A text display / editor designed to edit or display a message.

General Information

:information_source: A multi line edit text view is defined with a percent (%) and the characters MT, followed by the view number. For example: %MT1

:information_source: See MCI for general information on how to use views and common configuration properties available for them.


Property Description
text Sets the text to display - only useful for read-only and preview, otherwise use a specific module
width Sets the width of a view to display horizontally (default 15)
height Sets the height of a view to display vertically
argName Sets the argument name for the form
mode One of edit, preview, or read-only. See Mode below


The mode of a multi line edit text view controls how the view behaves. The following modes are allowed:

Mode Description
edit edit the contents of the view
preview preview the text, including scrolling
read-only No scrolling or editing the view

:information_source: If mode is not set, the default mode is “edit”

:information_source: With mode preview, scrolling the contents is allowed, but is not with read-only.



Configuration fragment (expand to view)
ML1: {
  width: 79
  argName: message
  mode: edit