QWK Support

QWK and QWK-Net Style Networks

As like all other networks such as FidoNet-Style (FTN) networks, ENiGMA½ considers QWK external to the system but can import and export the format.

Supported Standards

QWK must be considered a semi-standard as there are many implementations. What follows is a short & incomplete list of such standards ENiGMA½ supports:


QWK configuration occurs in the messageNetworks.qwk config block of config.hjson. As QWK wants to deal with conference numbers and ENiGMA½ uses area tags (conferences and conference tags are only used for logical grouping), a mapping can be made.

:information_source: During a regular, non QWK-Net exports, conference numbers can be auto-generated. Note that for QWK-Net style networks, you will need to create mappings however.


    messageNetworks: {
        qwk: {
            areas: {
                general: {          // local ENiGMA½ area tag
                    conference: 1   // conference number to map to


The oputil.js utility can export packet files, dump the messages of a packet to stdout, etc. See the oputil documentation for more information.

Offline Readers

A few of the offline readers that have been tested with QWK packet files produced by ENiGMA½:

Software Status Notes
MultiMail/Win v0.52 Supported Private mail seems to break even with bundles from other systems
SkyReader/W32 v1.00 Supported Works well. No QWKE or HEADERS.DAT support. Gets confused with low conference numbers.

There are also many other readers for various systems.