Button View

Button View

A button view supports displaying a button on a screen.

General Information

:information_source: A button view is defined with a percent (%) and the characters BT, followed by the view number. For example: %BT1

:information_source: See MCI for general information on how to use views and common configuration properties available for them.


Property Description
text Sets the text to display on the button
textStyle Sets the standard (non-focus) text style. See Text Styles in MCI
focusTextStyle Sets focus text style. See Text Styles in MCI
width Sets the width of a view to display one or more columns horizontally (default 15)
focus If set to true, establishes initial focus
submit If set to true any accept action upon this view will submit the encompassing form
argName Sets the argument name for this selection in the form
justify Sets the justification of each item in the list. Options: left (default), right, center
fillChar Specifies a character to fill extra space longer than the text length. Defaults to an empty space
textOverflow If the button text cannot be displayed due to width, set overflow characters. See Text Overflow below

Text Overflow

The textOverflow option is used to specify what happens when a text string is too long to fit in the width defined.

:information_source: If textOverflow is not specified at all, a button can become wider than the width if needed to display the text value.

:information_source: Setting textOverflow to an empty string textOverflow: "" will cause the item to be truncated if necessary without any characters displayed

:information_source: Otherwise, setting textOverflow to one or more characters will truncate the value if necessary and display those characters at the end. i.e. textOverflow: ...



Configuration fragment (expand to view)
BT1: {
  submit: true
  justify: center
  argName: btnSelect
  width: 17
  focusTextStyle: upper
  text: Centered button