Door Servers

Native support for BBSLink doors is provided via the bbs_link module.

Configuration for a BBSLink door is straight forward. Take a look at the following example for launching Tradewars 2002:

doorTradeWars2002BBSLink: {
	desc: Playing TW 2002 (BBSLink)
	module: bbs_link
	config: {
		sysCode: XXXXXXXX
		authCode: XXXXXXXX
		schemeCode: XXXXXXXX
		door: tw

Fill in your credentials in sysCode, authCode, and schemeCode and that’s it!

The door_party Module

The module door_party provides native support for DoorParty! Configuration is quite easy:

doorParty: {
    desc: Using DoorParty!
    module: door_party
    config: {
        username: XXXXXXXX
        password: XXXXXXXX
        bbsTag: XX

Fill in username, password, and bbsTag with credentials provided to you and you should be in business!

The CombatNet Module

The combatnet module provides native support for CombatNet. Add the following to your menu config:

combatNet: {
    desc: Using CombatNet
    module: combatnet
    config: {
        bbsTag: CBNxxx
        password: XXXXXXXXX

Update bbsTag (in the format CBNxxx) and password with the details provided when you register, then you should be ready to rock!

The Exodus Module