Door Servers

Native support for BBSLink doors is provided via the bbs_link module.

Configuration for a BBSLink door is straight forward. Take a look at the following example for launching Tradewars 2002:

doorTradeWars2002BBSLink: {
	desc: Playing TW 2002 (BBSLink)
	module: bbs_link
	config: {
		sysCode: XXXXXXXX
		authCode: XXXXXXXX
		schemeCode: XXXXXXXX
		door: tw

Fill in your credentials in sysCode, authCode, and schemeCode and that’s it!

The door_party Module

The module door_party provides native support for DoorParty! Configuration is quite easy:

doorParty: {
    desc: Using DoorParty!
    module: door_party
    config: {
        username: XXXXXXXX
        password: XXXXXXXX
        bbsTag: XX

Fill in username, password, and bbsTag with credentials provided to you and you should be in business!

The Exodus Module