Event Scheduler

Event Scheduler

The ENiGMA½ scheduler allows system operators to configure arbitrary events that can can fire based on date and/or time, or by watching for changes in a file. Events can kick off internal handlers, custom modules, or binaries & scripts.

Scheduling Events

To create a scheduled event, create a new configuration block in config.hjson under eventScheduler.events.

Events can have the following members:

Item Required Description
schedule :+1: A Later style parsable schedule string such as at 4:00 am, or every 24 hours. Can also be (or contain) an @watch clause. See Schedules below for details.
action :+1: Action to perform when the schedule is triggered. May be an @method or @execute spec. See Actions below.
args :-1: An array of arguments to pass along to the method or binary specified in action.


As mentioned above, schedule may contain a Later style parsable schedule string and/or an @watch clause.

schedule examples:

  • every 2 hours
  • on the last day of the week
  • after 12th hour

An @watch clause monitors a specified file for changes and takes the following form: @watch:<path> where <path> is a fully qualified path.

:bulb: If you would like to have a schedule and watch a file for changes, place the @watch clause second and separated with the word or. For example: every 24 hours or @watch:/path/to/somefile.txt.


Events can kick off actions by calling a method (function) provided by the system or custom module in addition to executing arbritary binaries or scripts.


An action with a @method can take the following forms:

  • @method:/full/path/to/module.js:methodName: Executes methodName at /full/path/to/module.js.
  • @method:rel/path/to/module.js:methodName: Executes methodName using the relative path rel/path/to/module.js. Paths for @method are relative to the ENiGMA½ installation directory.

Methods are passed any supplied args in the order they are provided.

Method Signature

To create your own method, simply export a method with the following signature: (args, callback). Methods are executed asynchronously.


// my_custom_mod.js
exports.myCustomMethod = (args, cb) => {
    console.log(`Hello, ${args[0]}!`);
    return cb(null);


When using the @execute action, a binary or script can be executed. A full path or just the binary name is acceptable. If using the form without a path, the binary much be in ENiGMA½’s PATH.


  • @execute:/usr/bin/foo
  • @execute:foo

Just like with methods, any supplied args will be passed along.

Example Entries

Post a message to supplied networks every Monday night using the message post mod (see modding):

eventScheduler: {
    events: {
        enigmaAdToNetworks: {
            schedule: at 10:35 pm on Mon
            action: @method:mods/message_post_evt/message_post_evt.js:messagePostEvent
            args: [