File Base ACS

ACS Codes may be used to control access to File Base areas by specifying an acs string in a file area’s definition. If no acs is supplied in a file area definition, the following defaults apply to an area:

  • read : GM[users]: List/view the area and it’s contents.
  • write : GM[sysops]: Upload.
  • download : GM[users]: Download.

To override read and/or write ACS, supply a valid acs member.

Example File Area Config with ACS

areas: {
	retro_pc: {
		name: Retro PC
		desc: Oldschool PC/DOS
		storageTags: [ "retro_pc", "retro_pc_bbs" ]
		acs: {
			//	only users of the "l33t" group or those who have
			//	uploaded 10+ files can download from here...
			download: GM[l33t]|UP10

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