About File Areas

About File Areas

A Different Approach

ENiGMA½ has strayed away from the old familiar setup here and instead takes a more modern approach:

  • Gazelle inspired system for searching & browsing files.
  • No conferences (just areas!)
  • File areas are still around but should generally be used less. Instead, files can have one or more tags. Think things like dos.retro, pc.warez, games, etc.

Other bells and whistles

  • Temporary web (http:// or https://) download links in additional to standard X/Y/Z protocol support. Batch downloads of many files can be downloaded as a single ZIP archive.
  • Users can rate files & search/filter by ratings.
  • Users can also create and save their own filters for later use such as “Latest Artscene Releases” or “C64 SIDs”.
  • A given area can span one to many physical storage locations.
  • Upload processor can extract and use FILE_ID.DIZ/DESC.SDI, for standard descriptions as well as README.TXT, *.NFO, and so on for longer descriptions. The processor also attempts release year estimation by scanning aforementioned description file(s).
  • Fast indexed Full Text Search (FTS) across descriptions and filenames.
  • Duplicates are checked for by cryptographically secure SHA-256 hashes.
  • Support for many archive and file formats. External utilities can easily be added to the configuration to extend for additional formats.
  • Much, much more!


The default ENiGMA½ approach for file areas may not be for everyone. Remember that you can mod everything your setup! Some inspirational examples:

  • A more traditional set of areas and scrolling file listings.
  • An S/X style integration of message areas and file areas.
  • Something completely different! Some tweaks are possible without any code while others may require creating new JavaScript modules to use instead of the defaults.