File Base Download Manager

File Base Download Manager Module

The file_base_download_manager module provides a download queue manager for “legacy” (X/Y/Z-Modem, etc.) downloads. Web (HTTP/HTTPS) download functionality can be optionally available when the web content server is enabled.


Configuration Block

Available config block entries:

  • webDlExpireTimeFormat: Sets the moment.js style format for web download expiration date/time.
  • fileTransferProtocolSelection: Overrides the default fileTransferProtocolSelection target for a protocol selection menu.
  • emptyQueueMenu: Overrides the default fileBaseDownloadManagerEmptyQueue target for menu to show when the users D/L queue is empty.


The following itemFormat object is provided to MCI 1 (ie: %VM1) and MCI 10+ custom fields:

  • fileId: File ID.
  • areaTag: Area tag.
  • fileName: Entry filename.
  • path: Full file path.
  • byteSize: Size in bytes of file.
  • webDlLink: Web download link including VTX style ANSI ESC sequences.
  • webDlExpire: Expiration date/time for this link. Formatted using webDlExpireTimeFormat.