The TopX Module

The built in top_x module allows for displaying oLDSKOOL (?!) top user stats for the week, month, etc. Ops can configure what stat(s) are displayed and how far back in days the stats are considered.


Config Block

Available config block entries:

  • mciMap: Supplies a mapping of MCI code to data source. See mciMap below.

MCI Map (mciMap)

The mciMap config block configures MCI code mapping to data sources. Currently the following data sources (determined by type) are available:

Type Description
userEventLog Top counts or sum of values found in the User Event Log.
userProp Top values (aka “scores”) from user properties.
User Event Log (userEventLog)

When type is set to userEventLog, entries from the User Event Log can be counted (ie: individual instances of a particular log item) or summed in the case of log items that have numeric values. The default is to sum.

Some current User Event Log value examples include ul_files, dl_file_bytes, or achievement_earned. See user_log_name.js for additional information./user_log_name.jsEry:

mciMap: {
    1: { //  e.g.: %VM1
        type: userEventLog
        value: achievement_pts_earned // top achievement points earned
        sum: true // this is the default
        daysBack: 7 // omit daysBack for all-of-time

User Properties (userProp)

When type is set to userProp, data is collected from individual user’s properties. For example a value of minutes_online_total_count. See user_property.js for more information.

Example userProp entry:

mciMap: {
    2: { // e.g.: %VM2
        type: userProp
        value: minutes_online_total_count // top users by minutes spent on the board


Generally mciMap entries will point to a Vertical List View Menu (%VM1, %VM2, etc.). The following itemFormat object is provided:

  • value: The value acquired from the supplied data source.
  • userName: User’s username.
  • realName: User’s real name.
  • location: User’s location.
  • affils or affiliation: Users affiliations.
  • position: Rank position (numeric).

Remember that string format rules apply, so for example, if displaying top uploaded bytes (ul_file_bytes), a itemFormat may be {userName} - {value!sizeWithAbbr} yielding something like “TopDude - 4 GB”. See MCI for additional information.