External Support Binaries

External Support Binaries

ENiGMA½ relies on various external binaries in order to perform common tasks such as processing file archives and extracting information from uploads/file imports, some legacy transfer protocols, etc.

:correct: Before using features such as the File Base or File Transfer Protocols it is highly recommended to install support binaries!


Below is a table of pre-configured archivers. Remember that you can override settings or add new handlers! See Archivers.

Archiver (Key) File Types More Info Debian/Ubuntu (apt/dep) Red Hat (yum/rpm) Windows
Arj .arj Wikipedia arj arj ARJ
7Zip .7z, .bzip2, .gzip/.gz, etc.
:warning: Does not attempt to handle zip files! See InfoZip!
http://www.7-zip.org p7zip-full p7zip-full 7-zip
InfoZip .zip http://infozip.sourceforge.net
zip and unzip will need to be en ENiGMA’s PATH
zip and unzip zip and unzip InfoZip
Lha .lza, .lzh, etc. Wikipedia
lhasa lhasa Win32 binaries
Lzx .lzx Amiga LZX unlzx unlzx Source
Rar .rar Wikipedia unrar unrar RARLAB
TarGz .tar.gz, .gzip Wikipedia tar tar TAR.EXE

:information_source: For more information see core/config_default.js

:information_source: For information on changing configuration or adding more archivers see Archivers.

File Transfer Protocols

Handlers for legacy file transfer protocols such as Z-Modem and Y-Modem.

Handler (Key) Protocol More Info Debian/Ubuntu (apt/dep) Red Hat (yum/rpm) Windows
X-Modem, Y-Modem and Z-Modem SEXYZ SEXYZ x86_64 Binary x86_64 Binary Synchronet FTP
zmodem8kSz Z-Modem 8K Wikipedia lrzsz lrzsz Unknown

Information Extractors

Information extraction utilities can extract information from various file types such as PDF in order to (attempt) to come up with a good default description.

Extractor File Types More Info Debian/Ubuntu (apt/dep) Red Hat (yum/rpm) Windows
ExifTool .mp3, .pdf, .mp4, .jpg, .gif, .png, many more ExifTool libimage-exiftool-perl perl-Image-ExifTool Unknown
XDMS Amiga DiskMasher images   xdms xdms Unknown