BBS List

The BBS List Module

The built in bbs_list module provides the ability for users to manage entries to other Bulletin Board Systems.


Config Block

Available config block entries:

  • youSubmittedFormat: Provides a format for entries that were submitted (and therefor ediable) by the current user. Defaults to '{submitter} (You!)'. Utilizes the same itemFormat object as entries described below.


The following itemFormat object is provided to MCI 1 (ie: %VM1) (the BBS list):

  • id: Row ID
  • bbsName: System name. Note that {text} also contains this value.
  • sysOp: System Operator
  • telnet: Telnet address
  • www: Web address
  • location: System location
  • software: System’s software
  • submitter: Username of entry submitter
  • submitterUserId: User ID of submitter
  • notes: Any additional notes about the system