System Configuration

System Configuration

The main system configuration file, config.hjson both overrides defaults and provides additional configuration such as message areas. Defaults lived in core/config_default.js.

The default path is /enigma-bbs/config/config.hjson though this can be overridden using the --config parameter when invoking main.js.

:information_source: See also Configuration Files. Additionally HJSON General Information may be helpful for more information on the HJSON format.

Creating a Configuration

Your initial configuration skeleton should be created using the oputil.js command line utility. From your enigma-bbs root directory:

./oputil.js config new

You will be asked a series of questions to create an initial configuration.

Overriding Defaults

The file core/config_default.js provides various defaults to the system that you can override via config.hjson. For example, the default system name is defined as follows:

general : {
  boardName : 'Another Fine ENiGMA½ System'

To override this for your own board, in config.hjson:

general: {
  boardName: Super Fancy BBS

(Note the very slightly HJSON different syntax. You can use standard JSON if you wish!)

While not everything that is available in your config.hjson file can be found defaulted in core/config_default.js, a lot is. Poke around and see what you can find!

Configuration Sections

Below is a list of various configuration sections. There are many more, but this should get you started: