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You’ll need Docker installed before going any further. How to do so are out of scope of these docs, but you can find full instructions for every operating system on the Docker website.

Quick Start

  • Generate some config for your BBS:
    docker run -it -v "${HOME}/engima-bbs/config:/enigma-bbs/config" enigmabbs/enigma-bbs:latest oputil.js config new
  • Run it:
    docker run -p 8888:8888 -v "${HOME}/engima-bbs/config:/enigma-bbs/config" enigmabbs/enigma-bbs:latest

:bulb: Configuration will be stored in ${HOME}/engima-bbs/config.

:bulb: Windows users - you’ll need to switch out ${HOME}/engima-bbs/config for a Windows-style path.


Containers by their nature are ephermeral. Meaning, stuff you want to keep (config, database, mail) needs to be stored outside of the running container. As such, the following volumes are mountable:

Volume Usage
/enigma-bbs/art Art, themes, etc
/enigma-bbs/config Config such as config.hjson, menu.hjson, prompt.hjson, SSL certs etc
/enigma-bbs/db ENiGMA databases
/enigma-bbs/filebase Filebase
/enigma-bbs/logs Logs
/enigma-bbs/mods ENiGMA mods
/mail FTN mail (for use with an external mailer)

Building your own image

Customising the Docker image is easy!

  1. Clone the ENiGMA-BBS source.
  2. Build the image

    docker build -f ./docker/Dockerfile .