Keeping your system up to date ensures you have the latest fixes, features, and general improvements. Updating ENiGMA½ can be a bit of a learning curve compared to traditional binary-release systems you may be used to, especially when running from Git cloned source.

Updating From Source

If you have installed using Git source (if you used the install.sh script) follow these general steps to update your system:

  1. Back up your system!
  2. Pull down the latest source:
    cd /path/to/enigma-bbs
    git pull
  3. :bulb: Review WHATSNEW.md and UPDATE.md for any specific instructions or changes to be aware of.
  4. Update your dependencies:
    npm install # or 'yarn'
  5. Merge updates from config/menu_template.hjson to your config/yourbbsname-menu.hjson file (or simply use the template as a reference to spot any newly added default menus that you may wish to have on your system as well!).
  6. If there are updates to the art/themes/luciano_blocktronics/theme.hjson file and you have a custom theme, you may want to look at them as well.
  7. Finally, restart your running ENiGMA½ instance.

:information_source: Visual diff tools such as DiffMerge (free, works on all major platforms) can be very helpful for the tasks outlined above!

:bulb: It is recommended to monitor logs and poke around a bit after an update!