Mask Edit Text View

Mask Edit Text View

A mask edit text view supports editing form values on a screen. This can be for new entry as well as editing existing values. Unlike a edit text view, the mask edit text view uses a mask pattern to specify what format the values should be entered in.

General Information

:information_source: A mask edit text view is defined with a percent (%) and the characters ME, followed by the view number. For example: %ME1. This is generally used on a form in order to allow a user to enter or edit a text value.

:information_source: See MCI for general information on how to use views and common configuration properties available for them.


Property Description
textStyle Sets the standard (non-focus) text style. See Text Styles in MCI
focusTextStyle Sets the focus text style. See Text Styles in MCI
argName Sets the argument name for this value in the form
maxLength Sets the maximum number of characters that can be entered. Not normally useful, set the mask pattern as needed instead
focus Set to true to capture initial focus
maskPattern Sets the mask pattern. See Mask Pattern below
fillChar Specifies a character to fill extra space in the text entry with. Defaults to an empty space

Mask Pattern

A maskPattern must be set on a mask edit text view (not doing so will cause the view to be focusable, but no text can be input). The maskPattern is a set of characters used to define input, as well as optional literal characters that can be entered into the pattern that will always be entered into the input. The following mask characters are supported:

Mask Character Description
# Numeric input, one of 0 through 9
A Alphabetic, one of a through z or A through Z
@ Alphanumeric, matches one of either Numeric or Alphabetic above
& Printable, matches one printable character including spaces

Any value other than the entries above is treated like a literal value to be displayed in the patter. Multiple pattern characters are combined for longer inputs. Some examples could include:

Pattern Description
AA Matches up to two alphabetic characters, for example a state name (i.e. “CA”)
### Matches up to three numeric characters, for example an age (i.e. 25)
###-###-#### A pattern matching a phone number with area code
##/##/#### Matches a date of type month/day/year or day/month/year (i.e. 01/01/2000)
##-AAA-#### Matches a date of type day-month-year (i.e. 01-MAR-2010)
# foot ## inches Matches a height in feet and inches (i.e. 6 foot 2 inches)



Configuration fragment (expand to view)
ME1: {
  argName: height
  fillChar: "#"
  maskPattern: "# ft. ## in."