Horizontal Menu View

Horizontal Menu View

A horizontal menu view supports displaying a list of times on a screen horizontally (side to side, in a single row) similar to a lightbox.

General Information

Items can be selected on a menu via the cursor keys, Page Up, Page Down, Home, and End, or by selecting them via a hotKey - see Hot Keys below.

:information_source: A horizontal menu view is defined with a percent (%) and the characters HM, followed by the view number (if used.) For example: %HM1

:information_source: See MCI for general information on how to use views and common configuration properties available for them.


Property Description
textStyle Sets the standard (non-focus) text style. See Text Styles in MCI
focusTextStyle Sets focus text style. See Text Styles in MCI
itemSpacing Used to separate items horizontally in the menu
width Sets the width of a view to display one or more columns horizontally (default 15)
focus If set to true, establishes initial focus
submit If set to true any accept action upon this view will submit the encompassing form
hotKeys Sets hot keys to activate specific items. See Hot Keys below
hotKeySubmit Set to submit a form on hotkey selection
argName Sets the argument name for this selection in the form
justify Sets the justification of each item in the list. Options: left (default), right, center
itemFormat Sets the format for a list entry. See Entry Formatting in MCI
fillChar Specifies a character to fill extra space in the menu with. Defaults to an empty space
items List of items to show in the menu. See Items below.
focusItemFormat Sets the format for a focused list entry. See Entry Formatting in MCI

Hot Keys

A set of hotKeys are used to allow the user to press a character on the keyboard to select that item, and optionally submit the form.


hotKeys: { A: 0, B: 1, C: 2, D: 3 }
hotKeySubmit: true

This would select and submit the first item if A is typed, second if B, etc.


A horizontal menu, similar to other menus, take a list of items to display in the menu. For example:

items: [
      text: First Item
      data: first
      text: Second Item
      data: second

If the list is for display only (there is no form action associated with it) you can omit the data element, and include the items as a simple list:

["First item", "Second item", "Third Item"]



Configuration fragment (expand to view)
HM2: {
  focus: true
  width: 60 // set as desired
  submit: true
  argName: navSelect
  items: [
    "prev", "next", "details", "toggle queue", "rate", "help", "quit"